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Laser marking is the most cost-efficient and sustainable way to mark virtually any material on the planet. Cajo Laser replaces outdated and wasteful marking methods, helping manufacturers around the world improve their production processes and not only save costs but the environment as well.

CajoAcademy, the platform of all things Cajo, empowers you with valuable insight that the laser marking company Cajo Technologies has accumulated over the years.

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Cajo Technologies Ltd. provides manufacturers with the best and most sustainable product marking solutions on the planet. Cajo’s patented technology and intelligent laser marking systems are designed to improve all possible production processes, replacing outdated and wasteful marking methods globally. Cajo’s remarkably cost-efficient lasers and flexible software solutions are available for all industrial marking purposes, covering the needs for traceability, identification, and product markings, with an extremely short payback time.

As a pioneer in laser marking, Cajo’s success is based on the full control of the laser beam. This is made possible by the seamless cooperation of Cajo’s own control board, marking software, and marking machines. The comprehensive marking solution offered to industrial manufacturers is simply the best on the market.

Cajo offers several types of laser marking solutions that can be integrated smoothly into high-speed production lines or used as stand-alone workstations for manually loaded parts. Superior Cajo lasers ensure fast marking on the fly with precise and permanent markings made possible also for challenging materials. In Cajo’s over a decade-old history, 4 000+ marking parameters have been tested and optimized for a comprehensive parameter library.

Cajo’s cost-efficient and environmentally friendly laser marking systems are running in over 70 countries across the world. Among Cajo’s customers are many international market leaders in their industry.

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